Eaglepoint Golf Resort Development Programs

Teaching/Learning Philosophy

One might notice that learning to play golf has become more and more about how to swing the golf club. One highly regarded theory stresses eight or nine positions during the swing that the golfer must accurately achieve in order to hit a good golf shot! While this approach may in fact benefit a small portion of golfers(mainly the touring professional) it is no wonder that many more are left confused and frustrated and feeling that learning to play golf is far too difficult and required too much time.

Certainly, the ability to swing the club and hit a golf ball with some consistency is necessary and enjoyable aspect of the game. We all marvel at the sight of the golf ball sailing into the blue heavens. It seems however, most golfer never learn “how to play” because they never move beyond how to swing! Eaglepoints professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of golf instruction to all levels of players and derives great satisfaction from their students improvements. With the use of the Zepp training app and launch monitor, we will develop proper swing technique, tempo and mental skills with effective practice methods.

Professional Club Fitting (Master Fitter)

Whether it’s one specific club, or an in-depth full-bag fitting analysis, Eaglepoints master fitter is ready to take your game to the next level. The idea behind proper club fitting is to build a golf club to fit the individual rather than have the individual change in order to fit the club.
• If undesired contact or flight are caused by improperly fit equipment the golfer will develop compensating movements (swing flaws) in order to self-correct.
• It is almost more important for the beginner to be properly fit to prevent the development of swing compensations due to ill-fit clubs.
Eaglepoint believes to incorporate our club fitting skills into the content of each lesson package at no extra charge. In other words, we feel that teaching and club fitting must go hand-in-hand.While many individuals fit into “standard” club design, if it is determined that a learner’s clubs do not fit, the learner does not necessarily have to buy new golf clubs. Eaglepoint now provides repair shop to replace old grip and make minor repairs and adjustments to existing clubs at a nominal charge.It is our desire to create a situation where an errant golf shot is the result of a poor set-up or swing rather than a poorly fit golf club.

Please contact our Pro Shop today for details or to book your lesson with our qualified professional staff (250) 573-2453

Junior Academy Mondays

Junior Academy Mondays – 7 weeks – Cost – $200.00 plus GST per Junior
Now you have a reason to look forward to Monday. Every Monday evening from 6pm-7pm running for 7 weeks, starting July 1st and continuing on until August 26th Eaglepoint offers one-hour Junior Academy with golf to follow. The schedule of content helps to gradually introduce the learner to various aspects of the game. At a cost of only $200.00 per junior this is an economical and enjoyable way to get started. Dates excluded July 29th & August 12th

Full Swing Fundamentals (irons)
Full Swing Fundamentals (Drivers and Fairway woods)
Rescue /Hybrid
Short game
Course management
Bunker play
Interactive fun ways to learn
Please contact Head Professional Peter Kenneford at peter@eaglepointgolfresort.com to sign up your child.

Videos may be used in lessons
* 40% discount for Juniors
* 24 hour cancellation policy