A good pace of play for a round of golf is four hours. Please help to do your part in keeping up to the group in front.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep play moving:

1. Play Ready Golf

The biggest contributors to slow play are players who are not ready to hit when they should. There is no penalty for playing out of turn. If the person who is furthest from the hole is not ready for whatever reason, take the initiative and hit your shot.

2. Lost balls

Any player who may have lost their ball, should not have the whole group look for it. It goes back to ready golf. If after you hit your shot and the player has not yet found his/her ball, go help them, but look quickly.

3. Initiative

Have one “Captain” in the foursome who will take charge of ensuring proper pace of play. Perhaps the person who made the booking is the captain. All it takes is one person to recognize that if you haven’t seen anyone if front of for a while, you may have fallen behind.

4. Cart Golf

If carts are restricted to certain ares such as around Greens and in the naturalized areas, take a few clubs with you to your ball.

5. Score card

Mark your score on the next tee deck. If you are on pace, you should always have to wait a few minutes on the group ahead of you to clear the landing area or green. This is were you should mark down the scores from the last hole.

6. Marshals

Please obey the Marshals. If they ask you to pick up your pace, they are doing their job to ensure everyone, including your group enjoys their game. We welcome suggestions or comments on this important issue.